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How green are electric cars?


How much electricity is the UK using at the moment


Will there be enough electricity? - National Grid concerned that electric vehicles will require more than the UK can generate.


Customers to ‘bid’ to buy electricity in order to control how much electricity is needed to charge electric vehicles

Australia’s batteries, courtesy of Elon Musk – powering 30,000 homes for one hour


National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios – different ways the UK could provide its energy in the future


Western Link – connecting west coast of Scotland to Wales for electricity supplies


Nor-Ned and other projects to import electricity


Importing solar energy into Europe from North Africa


Hydrogen refuelling stations across the world


Refuelling hydrogen cars in the UK


Hydrogen cars


Toyota Mirai




Hydrogen from electrolysis


Hydrogen and Oil Companies


ITMpower – a company that electrolyses water


Biggest Hydrogen Electrolysis plant to be built in Germany


Heating with Hydrogen


Converting Leeds to run on hydrogen – H21 Leeds Citygate Project

Executive summary

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European Commission 2030 Climate and Energy Framework


European Network of Transmission System Operators, Ten Year Network Development Plan


S&P Global Platts Petrochemical Index (PGPI)